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Trucking Accidents

Southern Illinois and Missouri Truck Accident Lawyers

Truck accidents usually involve catastrophic injuries or death. For victims and their families, it is a devastating event that changes their lives forever. This is a time when accident victims need an experienced lawyer to protect their rights.

At the law firm of Weilmuenster & Keck, P.C. in Belleville, Illinois, our firm's lawyers have in-depth knowledge of semi truck, 18-wheeler, big rig and other serious truck accident cases. We understand the specific federal and state motor carrier safety regulations, as well as the Department of Transportation requirements affecting the trucking industry.

Protecting Truck Accident Victims

Soon after a semi truck crash, the trucking company's insurance provider will send investigators to the accident scene with the goal of minimizing its own liability. Accident victims should have their own representatives to collect and preserve evidence that supports their case. Weilmuenster & Keck, P.C. works hard to protect truck accident victims and their families.

Personal Attention. Exceptional Results.

Our lawyers offer a hands-on approach to carefully investigate details of personal injury cases, such as:

  • How did the accident happen?
  • If driver fatigue was a factor, did the driver violate hours-of-service laws?
  • Did the trucking company put economic pressure on the driver to violate hours-of-service laws or to speed?
  • Was the driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
  • Was the load improperly secured?
  • Has the truck been regularly and properly maintained?
  • Was the trucking company negligent in hiring or supervising the driver?

To collect evidence of negligence by the trucking company or driver, your lawyer needs to know where to look. For example, truck companies typically keep three files on each driver — a driver qualification file, a personnel file and a medical file. Truck companies only need to keep certain information, such as driver logbooks, for 180 days. We must act promptly to preserve this evidence, or it may very well disappear. Within days of a tractor-trailer collision, our firm's attorneys will send an evidentiary letter to the trucking company listing 50 items we want preserved.

In addition to protecting accident victims, our attorneys are often retained by trucking companies to oversee the lawyers defending insurance companies. Our law firm's successes have positioned us to consult other attorneys.

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