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Federal Court Litigation

Belleville Federal Court Litigation Lawyer

Federal court poses its own set of challenges in addition to those faced everyday by attorneys practicing in state courts. Rules of filing, procedure and practice can be very different from those of local state courts. Many deadlines for filing cases and court documents are different. Failure to comply with federal court rules can prevent an individual from taking any action in federal court. Practicing in federal court is an art that is perfected over time and with experience.

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What Cases Go to Federal Court?

Claims arise in federal court through a variety of ways. Two of the main reasons a claim is brought in federal court are:

  • Diversity jurisdiction: Generally, when an individual (plaintiff) sues an individual or company (defendant) that lives or operates in a state other than that of the plaintiff, the claim may need to be brought in federal court under diversity jurisdiction.
  • Federal question: Certain claims, that involve federal law, must be brought in federal court. Some examples include civil rights violations, discrimination cases, constitutional challenges, and due process and equal protection infringements.

Our firm has represented individuals whose cases involve severe and catastrophic injury, resulting in complex federal litigation. Our staff is confident in their grasp of the procedural rules in federal court, and our understanding is reflected in the results we have secured.

We also represent clients injured by medical negligence at government-funded medical facilities such as VA hospitals and rural health clinics. The claims are covered by the Federal Tort Claims Act. We are knowledgeable in this specialized area of law, and we are ready to handle your case.

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